What you do

You’re a business owner operator in a service industry, quite likely (but not necessarily) property-related.


To get to this point, you’ve likely come through your 20’s learning your core career skills. You applied yourself and worked hard but ultimately you were looking for more than an employee role.

That was a primary reason for going into your own business and this is the vehicle in which you will see through the balance of your career. Quite likely you got to this stage in your early 30’s or possibly a bit younger.

You have a young family and you are looking to get ahead financially to meet the commitments that come with this responsibility. Longer term, you like the idea of acquiring some property assets but first things first – you need to get the business on a proper footing and get that home loan heading south.

Quite likely you’ve used a tax agent in the past – mainly to handle your tax requirements when you were an employee. However, you now realise that this more serious enterprise requires a business accountant who is attuned to your situation. You have heard inklings of what others in your line of work are doing – business structure, tax planning and superannuation – and now need someone to map this all out and steer you in the right direction.

Your business lifecycle

If you relate to most, if not all, of this then you’re in the right place.

We love dealing with people in your situation as we’ve got a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer. Putting it simply, we know how to help.

Over the years, we’ve made a speciality of dealing with what we call our “business lifecycle clients” – that is, business people starting out in their early 30’s and staying with us right through to their mid 50’s at which point it’s likely time for us to guide them through business exit strategies.

Business Lifecycle

The clients we’ve taken through this process tell us how helpful it’s been at the outset to know what the journey is going to entail and what the finished outcome could and should look like.

Along the way, there are aspects which we know are likely to arise, such as the challenges associated with business expansion; buying your business premises and accumulating a wealth portfolio away from the business. We’re there to guide you through each of these issues. The thing is, it’s our job to be on top of the tax rules, the superannuation changes and the legal structures. You can get on with business, safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep you informed and up to date.

Our approach

Our approach to business lifecycle clients is to be there every step of the way, flagging issues that are on the horizon as well as helping work through the issues of the day.

This approach also entails providing you with explanations such that you can make informed decisions. Be it how to structure your superannuation, protecting your assets in case of business challenges or developing a property portfolio, we’ll help you make decisions which are right for you.

Typically, the end result of working through our lifecycle process is a successful exit from the business, a portfolio of income producing assets, and the kids now young adults in their own right making their own way. At this point, the world will be your oyster, with you having the health, energy, and means to enjoy it.

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