Business Succession Planning

Far too many businesses fail to properly prepare for the time their business leaders leave, retire or pass away. So much of the stress caused can be avoided by working with an experienced professional beforehand.

Selling a businessSelling A Business

If you’re looking to sell your business, we can help. We’ll prepare business valuations so you and your buyers understand the value of it.

We can also represent you through the negotiation process to ensure you maximise your outcomes and minimise your tax.

Family Succession Planning

There are some alarming statistics that show around 70% of family businesses fail before the second generation takes over. It’s even higher for the third generation. We’re here to help you stop that. A successful multigenerational business takes work, but with a bit of careful planning, you’ll be set up for success.

There are many reasons people tend to put off succession planning. It can seem like a long way off, their future is uncertain and they’re just too busy. We’ll help you navigate this process without the stress. Ensure that you don’t waste years of hard work by failing to plan for you and your family.

Succession Plan

SMSF Succession Planning

Every family is unique. Our licensed SMSF specialists take the time to understand your family and then guide you to structure your SMSF so that you can ensure the benefits flow to the people you choose.

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